An environmentally friendly high-alkaline, water-based cleaner/polisher Excellent on Glass, Mirrors, Granite / Stone counters, Stainless Steel and Metals, Fiberglass, Painted Surfaces, Finished Wood, Vinyl, and Plastic, it is a unique cleaning co-polymer formulation that is soapless and leaves no biofilm.

NTB-32Glass maintenance. Enhance & Extens: NT Glass effects.32 oz.  MSRP 39.00
NTB-16Glass maintenance. Enhance & Extens: NT Glass effects.16 oz.  MSRP 19.00
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Water-based and environmentally friendly degreaser formula for multiple surfaces It provides smooth, clean treated surface materials, it is a concentrated degreaser to be used on any nonporous surface in preparation for our sealers.

SD-32Water Based and environmentally friendly Degreaser32 oz.  MSRP 21.00
SD-16Water Based and environmentally friendly Degreaser16 oz.  MSRP 13.00
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It is a high purpose cleaner which it will remove dirt, grease, stickers and glue residues very easily from surfaces. It is a mixture of special solvents and cleaning components that provides an effective removing of dirt, grease, glue, combustion residues and others. Stickers and common label types can be removed easily by hand, always wearing gloves.

HPD-32High Purpose Degreaser32 oz.  MSRP 85.00
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Shines, and protects all hard surfaces for automobiles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, airplanes and bicycles. It even works great on metal or vinyl / plastic outdoor furniture, fixtures, stainless steel and more! . The Monster formula produces a long-lasting shine!

MC-32Shine & Protects hard surfaces32 oz.  MSRP 62.00
MC-16Shine & Protects hard surfaces16 oz.  MSRP 33.00
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Waterless cleaner designed to clean, polish, and protect every surface of your car - paint, tires, rims, glass, interior carpet, upholstery, rubber, vinyl, and dashboards! Cleans without scratching Environmentally Friendly and Residue Free.

NTWL-32Water Less Car cleaner32 oz.  MSRP 28.00
NTWL-16Water Less Car cleaner16 oz.  MSRP 18.00
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With Micron Antimicrobial cleans and polishes a variety of stainless steel surfaces - clean range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, sinks, cook tops, and barbecues! Environmentally friendly water-based cleaner dissolves and lifts oily grime and dirt for a quick wash without water.

NTSL-32Stain Steel Cleaner & Polisher Antibacterial32 oz.  MSRP 26.00
NTSL-16Stain Steel Cleaner & Polisher Antibacterial16 oz.  MSRP 15.00
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Maintain an optimum brilliance on polished granite, marble, travertine, corian, slate, and synthetic stone counters, tables, walls, tile, grout, and more! ( Do not use on floors )

NTMG-32Marble & Granite surfaces enhancer coating32 oz.  MSRP 49.00
NTMG-16Marble & Granite surfaces enhancer coating16 oz.  MSRP 29.00
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It is a non-toxic, water-based, and chemical free. Neutralizes bacterial and other harmful organisms from food preparation areas like stoves, grills, and countertops No artificial "clean" scent added Natural clean safe around people & pets.

NTD-32All Surfaces Cleaner Antibacterial32 oz.  MSRP 20.00
NTD-16All Surfaces Cleaner Antibacterial16 oz.  MSRP 12.00
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